Terms and conditions

Portfolio View (Beta) has been created by IP Australia to enable customers to view IP rights associated with their Online Services account. This is an open beta to test-drive the proposed Portfolio View functionality, and to gather feedback to guide and drive future developments.

All information set out in the Portfolio View (Beta) is provided for general information purposes only. The customer is solely responsible for the consequences of their actions based on the information or material available in Portfolio View.

This service will only display patent and trade mark applications which are:

  1. Associated with the customer’s Online Services account; and

    IP rights that are associated to with Online Services account based on current details in the Register. Any variations in the detail associated with the IP rights in the Register (such as name and address) may result in their omission from the customer’s portfolio.

    Please see the FAQ for additional details.

  2. Where they are the active agent as recorded by the IP rights register.

    If the customer has appointed a third party to manage their IP rights, those particular IP rights will not be visible in the customer’s Portfolio View.

Please note the following:

  • Portfolio View is still in development and will initially contain basic functionality. IP Australia will refine and include additional functionality throughout the beta process based on feedback. Feedback can be submitted via our contact form.
  • This particular Portfolio View beta is expected to be available for a period of three months which may be extended depending on demand and customer feedback.
  • During the beta process there may be inconsistencies and errors in the IP rights associated with your Online Services account. Should you identify any errors or omissions please contact us immediately via our contact form.
  • Portfolio View is not considered to be the Register but merely a point-in-time extract of the Register. If you require up-to-date information please visit the IP Australia public search engines such as ATMOSS, AusPat, ADDS and PBR Database.