Frequently Asked Questions

What does Portfolio View display?

Portfolio View will show all trademark and patent applications which have been associated with your Online Services account. In the current release Portfolio View provides basic options to display IP rights based on the business line and their status.

Why is my IP right missing?

IP rights are associated with an Online Services account by comparing the customer details (name and address) against the details of the IP right in the Register at the time of extraction in Portfolio View. Where there are variations in the details between the IP right and the Online Services account, these IP rights may not be visible in your portfolio.

You will not be able to see Plant Breeder’s rights, or Designs during the initial beta version of Portfolio View. We will continue to develop and improve the functionality.

Is your IP handled by an agent or an attorney? If you are missing an IP application/right from your Portfolio View, it may be because its Address for Service (AFS) is the address of your agent or attorney. For your IP applications/rights to display in your Portfolio View, this address must be identical to that in your Online Services account.

What can I do if I have missing IP rights?

If you have missing IP rights please contact IP Australia. Please provide IP right numbers which are missing from your Portfolio View so we may investigate further.

Where there are inconsistencies between the details of the IP right and your Online Services account details you may be required to lodge an official request to update the details of your IP right.

This IP right does not belong to me. What should I do?

If you have IP rights which have been incorrectly attributed to your portfolio, please contact us. We will remove the IP right from your portfolio and investigate further.